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Journey outward. Journey inward. Journey together.

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Have you ever wished there was a roadmap to guide you through life?

This is exactly what I help people create so they can welcome even more joy, fulfillment, and success.
















Due to COVID-19, the retreat will be limited to the first 10 registrants.

March 13-14, 2021

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Erin’s promise to you

One of my greatest gifts is in creating unique experiences that will engage your emotional, physical, and spiritual being in a journey of self-discovery, deep realizations, and ultimately change.

I am committed to designing a heartfelt, fun, and an emotionally safe place where you can flourish and blossom as you explore more of who you are and the life you would love to create moving forward. You can expect me to support you to be courageous and bold in your journey to express your authentic self.

Yoga information:

Cosmic Flow is a healing practice that combines the sacred disciplines of yoga, meditation  and sound healing, creating a powerful space to drop out from the hustle and bustle of daily  life and tune in to something much deeper. This class is a moving meditation, beginning and  ending with a crystal alchemy sound bath that will leave you feeling uplifted and rejuvenated. 

The moving meditation consists of a Vinyasa Flow that gradually and intentionally builds to  important peak postures and structures our bodies and minds in such a way that we are in  alignment with our Spirit, Mother Nature and the entire Cosmos. Cosmic Flow is all about  finding the stillness necessary to tap into your inner strength and wisdom, and to channel the  cosmic love that lives within each of us.


Before the Retreat:

  • As a newly registered attendee, you will be invited to a private FB group where you will have special access to life coaching content and exercises that will further empower you in advance for the retreat. (This is helpful but not required for a successful retreat experience)


  • 6:15pm – A 45 minute group videoconference with Erin to set the tone for the weekend, along with Q&A
  • 7:30pm – An optional dinner for early arrivals


  • Arrive at 8:45am
  • 9:00am – Retreat kick-off
  • 9:45am – Morning yoga with expert Jaechon Anderson
  • 11:15pm – Life Coaching with Erin Davenport
  • 1:00pm – BBQ lunch and optional river walk
  • 2:00pm – Life Coaching with Erin Davenport
  • 3:30pm – Drive to Zion for hiking and a life coaching class
  • 6:30pm – Dinner in Springdale, Utah
  • 8:30pm – Optional social hour by campfire


  • Arrive at 7:45am
  • 8:00am – Morning reflections
  • 8:45am – Yoga with expert Jaechon Anderson
  • 10:15am – Life Coaching with Erin Davenport
  • 11:00am – Drive to location to enjoy hiking, the final life coaching class, and a special passage cermony
  • 1:30pm – We say our goodbyes and there will be an optional opportunity to go to lunch together

Flight information:

  • The Las Vegas airport is only 2 hours away from the retreat location. This gives you a great opportunity for great prices and a short journey to Virgin, Utah.
  • The Salt Lake City airport is 4 hours away and this could be a great opportunity to sightsee and cover more ground if you have extra time to spare.

General driving information for Virgin, Utah:

  • 6.5 hours from Phoenix, AZ
  • 9.5 hours from Denver, CO
  • 6 hours from Los Angeles, CA
  • 8.5 hours from Albuqurque, NM

Additional travel recommendations can be requested at

There are a wide-variety of local lodging options that range anywhere from primitive camping to luxury rentals. It is HIGHLY recommended to book your lodging well in advance.

Lodging options are listed below:

Will accommodations be provided?


Lodging is not provided with your retreat ticket. The goal is to allow you the flexability to have as much simplicity or luxury as you would love. There are a wide-variety of sleeping preferences, and getting a good night’s rest that supports your experience is important. There are various local options for accomodations in the retreat information section.

What meals are included with my investment?


A tasty vegan stew and smores (Vegan chocolate bars and kosher marshmellows) will be provided on Saturday, free of charge. Bring any items you would love to eat and we will give you full access to cook on the Traeger Grill!

If you have dietary restrictions such as being gluten free, or other allergies, you are more than welcome to bring prepared personal food with the opportunity to heat it up in the microwave. Please communicate about dietary concerns early in the registration process and I will be happy to fill you in on what is being prepared to check on compatibility.

Light snacks and assorted drinks will be provided throughout Saturday and Sunday. There will be a group dinner on Saturday at Oscar’s Cafe in Springdale, Utah. They serve a variety of dietary options. Lunch together on Sunday is optional since our event will be completed. Everyone is expected to cover their own meal expenses when we go to town for meals.

What will the weather be in March?


You can anticipate an average daily high and low of 58/38 degrees fahrenheit. Most days are sunny and this adds a lot of warmth despite lower temperatures. These daily temperatures are perfect for hiking and rain rarely occurs.

Bring clothing that is easily layered such as t-shirts, long sleeved shirts, vests, and jackets. This is a better option vs. one big coat. But you can also bring a big coat too! It is easy to get hot once we start hiking and the weather fluctuates throughout the day, and layers will help you stay comfortable.

Will there be COVID-19 precautions?


Your safety is important and we will be abiding by local requirements when it comes to face masks and social distancing. This conduct will be determined at the time of the retreat. We understand that people have a variety of beliefs concerning COVID-19 precautions, and we aim to create an atmosphere that is understanding and accepting of differing opinions and needs.

Is there are group or family discount?


Your significant other, family members, friends, and adult children are welcome to register and join the adventure! There are group discounts available for groups of 3 or more registrants. Email and a coupon code will be sent to you before you complete your group registration.

What fitness level is recommended to participate?


Anyone is welcome! The two yoga sessions will be gentle flows and anyone from newbies to experts will enjoy these deeply grounding sessions. The hiking will not surpass 3 miles in total for each excursion. The purpose of the hikes during this retreat is to enjoy nature, get to know eachother, and to enjoy classes taught in a non-traditional way – outside. We will not be training for Mt. Everest or racing for a finish line.

WIll there be personal time to explore?


You are more than welcome to visit the area early or stay after our retreat. This is actually recommended if you are traveling from out of state. You have the opportunity to nestle this retreat in between a vacation while you (and even your adult aged loved ones) invest your time to come out to Utah. I am more than happy to share local tips and give recommendations for places to visit and stay throughout the state.

What is the refund policy?


Refunds will not be granted unless there is a statewide lockdown for Utah and you are unable to gain access to the state. I have full confidence that if you arrive at the retreat with an open heart and mind, you are going to gain much more from our weekend together than money could ever account for.


Erin has extensive experience as a Certified Life Coach and passionate wilderness guide leading groups on remote trips throughout Utah and Kenya, while facilitating deep inner work and life transformational activities. Her background as a Wildlife Biologist and photographer have also given her the unique ability to share her  knowledge about the natural world and to easily capture memorable moments with her groups in the outdoors. Erin spent 2009-2010 in Kenya as a volunteer. She has continued to visit Kenya over the past decade during her water projects, assisting medical missions, and leading group expeditions.


When Jaechon took her first yoga class over 7 years ago, she never could have fully foreseen the journey that it would end up taking her on. Raised as a dancer, she had always loved moving her body, and at first, she mostly thought of yoga as an amazing physical exercise. But as her practice steadily blossomed into a daily ritual, she realized more and more that yoga was not just stretching her body–it was a moving meditation that was stretching her heart, mind, and soul as well. As your yoga teacher, her hope is to provide you with the space in which you can find the stillness necessary to tune into your inner wisdom and the cosmic magic that we are all made of, as well as to guide you in integrating what you learn on your mat into your life off of the mat. That is where the real practice begins. 

Jaechon Anderson

Contact Erin for more retreat information

Reach out if you have questions about accommodations, local airport information, nearby attractions, resturants, or other trip related details. This information has already been collected and Erin will be more than happy to support your travel needs.

Your preferred lodging:

Will you be traveling from outside of Utah?

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