Receive powerful coaching from the comfort of your home.

From anywhere in the world.


The areas of your life you will elevate include: relationships, health, vocation, and time & money freedom. You can add extra focus on the areas you would love to improve the most.


Expect growing confidence and clarity as you take action steps in creating a life you love living with support and proven tools to succeed.


Learn how to cross the gap between where you are and where you would love to be. You will learn powerful techniques that will support you for the rest of your life. By this point, you are picking up momentum.


You will recieve practical methods to guide you as you take more and more focused steps towards your dream. Your life is blossoming beautifully as you grow more and more everyday.

I coach multiple programs.
Let’s see what fits best for you!

Each month I carve out time during my speaking and coaching schedule to offer a few complimentary consultations. This consultation will help you get clear on what you want, what’s holding you back, and your best next step.

I have a limited number of consultations available and they often book up quickly, so if you are interested in coaching and you would like to schedule a complimentary consultation, please click the button below or email me at I look forward to speaking with you soon.

“Previous to life coaching I wandered aimlessly trying to figure out why nothing ever seemed to work out. Now through coaching I have learned to make measurable goals with action steps and target dates. I love working with Erin because of her passion!!! And knowledge from her life experience.”

- Robyn Baker | Fremont, Nebraska

“I love the progress I see in my life, and the sheer gratitude I get to experience daily, even in the midst of a pandemic. When I began the program, I was caught in a victim mentality with automatic negative thoughts, low confidence, and was becoming more isolated.

In spite of the numerous self-help and motivational podcasts, videos, and books I’d consumed, I had questioned my worth, choices, and my direction often before coaching. I was putting plenty of effort…however, I needed feedback and guidance.

I was concerned the cycle of repeated starts and stops I had experienced meant there was little chance of real change. I felt an increasing sense of urgency with my age, no “real career” and on the cusp of empty nest.

Every day, I worked the coaching program and…with my confidence improved, the way I make choices and how I carry myself has changed. I do what I love every day by creating art and collaborating with other creative people.

Erin’s support and the program material inspired me…Now, my dream career is taking off, and I am fulfilling my purpose in tangible ways by serving my family and community…I’m no longer isolating, and I know how to choose and surround myself with people who will reciprocate meaningful, thoughtful, and positive support, as we each live out our dreams.”

- Jeri Dobos | Lincoln, Nebraska

“Life was filled with anxiety, like I was covered in a dark cloud, no ambition, no direction, no answers, depression, sadness, frustration, and hopelessness. Asking what is even is the point of living if it is this miserable. I had negative thinking and feeling like I was getting picked on by the universe. No guidance, no one to talk to about it without feeling like a burden, and isolated.

Now I feel like I am fighting for a dream, I have a reason to keep moving forward, and a realization that I am in control. If I am not making the decisions and designing my life, I will just be blown about wherever life happens to take me haphazardly. I realize the importance of feeling alive and thriving, and not just surviving and existing. I have mental pathways and new ways of thinking that have been opened.

I am now able to find forgiveness towards myself, to be kind to myself, and to cut the dead weight and emotional baggage I have been dragging around. To give myself permission to set everything free. I feel the extra energy that I can now put toward positive things. Being positive is something I have always struggled with. I felt like too much bad has happened to me for me to wear rose colored glasses. And yes, I have had my trials but I have learned to go around and bypass the broad “YOU MUST BE HAPPY OR SOMETHING IS WRONG WITH YOU” sign I feel has always glared at me.

Even as I saw counselors before, they were saying you have to choose to be happy, and this just never resonated with me. I couldn’t choose to be happy because I didn’t know how. I didn’t know how to let go of the negatives things I had been carrying. I didn’t know how to give myself permission to dream and to not look down on myself because I wasn’t accomplishing the cookie cutter successes dictated and articulated by cultural or social expectations.

I still have a long way to go, but as long as I move in the direction that feels right, I find comfort that its not just a light switch ON for happy. It was completely unachievable the way my other counselors had framed it. I lost my father to cancer, I have had failures in school, marriage. and relationships. I have been hurt by relationships. I have felt misunderstood. I feel guilty because how could I complain, my life isn’t that bad, or it could be worse. But it is my life, these are the shoes I walk in. I carried a lot of hurt with me. But I feel like I have learned to be gracious with myself, to be patient and kind to myself. and to not be my own worst enemy.

I can see the positivity reflect into my life because I stop myself from negative thinking, and I stop other people from negative self talk and thinking. I have used each of these modules in different areas, whether it’s breathing to let go of a stressful moment and reset, or allowing myself to sit down and dream up my life by figuring out how I am going to do that, and taking the steps in that direction. I have looked for support from people and couldn’t get what I was looking for. This program became something to lean on. I wish I had more energy and time to put into it, I gave it what I could and will continue to do so.

- Sara Lange | Blue Rapids, Kansas

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