Let’s Get Creative!

And let’s design the life of your dreams. 

Each month I carve out special time between my speaking and coaching schedule to offer a few complimentary discovery calls. This session will help you get clear on what you want to create in any area of your life, to discover what’s holding you back from seeing the results you would love, and we will chat about your best next step to help you get there.

Let’s find a time to connect.

“I love the progress I see in my life, and the sheer gratitude I get to experience daily, even in the midst of a pandemic. When I began the program, I was caught in a victim mentality with automatic negative thoughts, low confidence, and was becoming more isolated.

In spite of the numerous self-help and motivational podcasts, videos, and books I’d consumed, I had questioned my worth, choices, and my direction often before coaching. I was putting plenty of effort…however, I needed feedback and guidance.

I was concerned the cycle of repeated starts and stops I had experienced meant there was little chance of real change. I felt an increasing sense of urgency with my age, no “real career” and on the cusp of empty nest.

Every day, I worked the coaching program and…with my confidence improved, the way I make choices and how I carry myself has changed. I do what I love every day by creating art and collaborating with other creative people.

Erin’s support and the program material inspired me…Now, my dream career is taking off, and I am fulfilling my purpose in tangible ways by serving my family and community…I’m no longer isolating, and I know how to choose and surround myself with people who will reciprocate meaningful, thoughtful, and positive support, as we each live out our dreams.”

- Jeri Dobos | Lincoln, Nebraska

Thriving Artist

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