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The Human Collective

Have you ever been in a brainstorming session? Ideas flying across the room and one person comes up with a decent idea, someone else in the group builds off of that, and then after a period of time the original decent idea takes a new shape and form that leads to the ultimate solution. With the right group of people, this is a powerful way to solve the toughest life questions we may face. Businesses rely on what we could call mastermind groups, so why should you miss out on this powerful opportunity?

Businesses use the human collective to brainstorm ideas for a company and you can do the same thing for your life. The best and brightest innovators knew a way to hack the universe long ago to achieve the results they desired, and people like Henry Ford and Thomas Edison were among them. They were even within the same mastermind group along with Harvey Firestone and John Burroughs. When Henry presented his idea of the car, it was Thomas Edison and their mastermind who encouraged him to pursue it.

It is critical to have support while facing what may be considered the impossible. And by the way, it’s not impossible, but that may be how it feels. For Henry Ford, it was creating the car. For you, it might be starting your own business, building a family, finding the love of your life, overcoming a health issue, starting to live for you instead of everyone else, or to gain your time back for your hobbies that are collecting dust. A mastermind can be a key part of your solution.

What a Mastermind Group Brings to the Table

Powerful Support

The beauty of a mastermind group is seen in how they believe in you, even during the moments when you are lacking faith in yourself. A mastermind sees your infinite potential. The outside circumstances surrounding you do not concern your group when it comes to what you are envisioning for your life, because your mastermind knows that what is within you is far more powerful than anything else. Sure, you have your human element that is obvious to the naked eye. But they can see the deeper truth of who you are as a powerful spiritual being. You have your mastermind groups unwavering support.

The Brains of a Mastermind Group

By “brains”, this does not mean that you need a certain IQ requirement to be in a mastermind group. But instead, it is seen within a simple concept. A solar panels effectiveness and power increases when the size of the panel also increases. The best way to collect the most energy is by increasing the surface area of the solar panel so that more sunlight can be absorbed. This feeds the energy from the panel into powering your home. This is the same with a mastermind group. One brain is great, however a group of brains is even better. There is more power. This is why I encourage my clients to create or to join a mastermind group while we are working together.

Napoleon Hill, the author of Think and Grow Rich, explains, “When a group of brains are coordinated and function in Harmony, the increased energy created through the alliance, becomes available to every individual brain in the group.” This is a masterful way to hack the universe of its ideas and possibilities. Having this power from your mastermind group will provide you the ideas and insight that may have otherwise been missed if you were pursuing answers on your own. Let’s super-charge your solutions!

The Mastermind Wealth of Experience

Add up the number of years between your parents, your best friend, and yourself. Now reflect on how much life experience this translates into as a group of people. A mastermind group brings a wealth of experience to the table. This is powerful in a number of ways.

First, it means you get to save more of your time, cut to the chase, and get the results you want. Why? Because the ideas you bring to the table are able to be bounced off of your group and refined with what others have tried or gone through already. What worked and what didn’t work. This can also be seen through the youngest child in a family. The youngest is often watching the older siblings and therefore often make less mistakes because they learned from someone else’s. This is generalized, but with the intention of making a point that we can learn from each other and this saves us crucial time and effort.

The second benefit of the group’s experience is being able to gain new tools and to discover a new avenue of doing things. Have you ever had one of those moments where someone told you about an amazing restaurant, song, or movie? And you felt forever indebted that they mentioned it to you because it is now your favorite. Without them, you may have never heard about it in the first place! Now think of having this kind of insight that greatly impacts your life on a weekly basis with a powerful group of people who have your back. We get one life, so why not pool all of our knowledge together and make the most of it?

Partners in Believing

Have you ever been really excited about an idea or plan that you shared with someone close, only to have them discourage you? Wouldn’t it be great to have someone in your corner believing in you no matter what? A mastermind group is a safe place where you can confidently meet and share your ideas and receive support. And there is no question about “the how” as it is completely focused on supporting you, and everyone in the group. Your mastermind group members are your partners in believing. They believe in you and they are there to remind you of how capable you really are. They don’t have to see your resume or your history of success or know the future. They believe that the power breathing you is far more powerful than any situation you are to overcome. They believe that your idea is there for a reason and what you are working to create is your destiny.

Your partners in believing are the ones metaphorically cheering you on to jump off of the ledge and into the water because they know you really want to! You are just having a moment of fear and doubt. That’s all, and the fear is completely normal and actually good because that means you are on your growing edge! And after you take the plunge, you will be grateful you had a group of people that believed in you and cheered you on.

Selecting a Mastermind Group

Here are tips for finding a solid mastermind group. Sometimes it may take testing the waters. The five best basic qualities of a mastermind group are:

  • Solution focused – They are not focused on the possible obstacles. They are focused on supporting you to find solutions.
  • Commitment – The group meetings are a rock in each member’s calendar. They show up and treat this as a sacred time.
  • Taking action – Finding a group that is applying what they learn and growing is vital. It is going to influence you to do the same.
  • They believe – Your view of the world is similar in that you believe in the abundant potential of every human being in ever-becoming the best version of themselves.
  • Admirable – Pick a group of people that you admire and trust. Being with people you can trust with their intentions and judgement is crucial for countless reasons.

Remember that you are also the partner in believing. In order to receive the support that you desire, you also need to be that kind of support for others as well. This solidity is what creates this powerful symbiotic relationship that absolutely has the potential to transform your life.

Your Lifework:

Take a step to BE the partner in believing you desire to have. Be the type of partner you want to attract. Who is someone you can support by being a partner in believing? What would that look like and what actions will you take? And mark your calendar with a “by when.”

List five additional qualities that you would love to see in your mastermind group and commit to strengthen these qualities within yourself. Be the type of partner in believing you would appreciate.

Search for a group online or locally!

And enjoy your mastermind group and enjoy hacking the universe for inspiration in creating the bigger and better version of a life you love living.

An even more abundant life is yours for the taking!

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