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The Abundance

Have you ever said something like, “I can’t because…(plug in a reason here).” Such as, “I can’t do this or that because I don’t have the money, because I don’t have the time, because I don’t have the education, because I don’t have enough experience, because people might judge me…” Do any of those phrases sound familiar? Like there is a fat chance of your dreams ever happening for you?

All of those thought processes come from a sense of lack and limitation.

I am sure we both have had those thoughts before in one shape or another. But, when it comes to Dreambuilding it is super-duper important for us to continually build our awareness of the abundance in the world around us, and the abundance within ourselves.

You might be wondering if it’s possible to see a beautiful abundance of opportunities when chaos surrounds your life. Or maybe you are doing good! You feel confident in the life you are leading. Yet, there is one part of your life that you would love to see improve.

No matter where you stand in your life, there are ways to design a life that is EVEN more vibrant and fulfilling!

I am here for you. I have the tools that are working in my life, my client’s lives, and they have worked for countless others. So let’s dive into “the how” to blossom your awareness for abundance as well!

Thoughts Lead to Emotions

Life does not happen to us. It happens through us. The direction we choose to focus our attention is where we are going to create our experience and our perception of the world.

Think about it. Have you ever had an amazing day when you felt happy and joyful until you scrolled on Facebook and you saw a drama infused political post and your mood flipped upside-down? Or you had tuned into the TV to watch the news and your starry-eyed expression flew out the window at the speed-of-light as you wondered if the entire world was falling apart.

It may sound dramatic but our emotions are just like that. Our feelings change in the blink of an eye depending on our thoughts and what we are paying attention to.

Knowing that our thoughts and our feelings can change so quickly is important to understand so that we can recognize the value of CHOOSING what we tune into.

Your Lifework:

What are five aspects of your life that you would LOVE to put more focus and energy into? List those five areas of your life and a corresponding action you are going to take relating to that area of your life. Next to each action, put a completion date to hold yourself accountable.

You probably have experienced or seen a situation where there was a dramatic event and everyone involved had a slightly different perspective of what had happened. This is because our perception of the world is internal. Think back to a time in your life when all of the conditions were even, but you noticed that some people were getting completly different results than you were getting in that situation. Take time to journal about that event. This is practicing our ability to tune in and create awareness. Maybe something really made you mad at that time. But maybe today you will be able to slightly shift your perception and get more insight. Write down what you can learn from it now.

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