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How the Inner Critic Affects Self-Esteem

Do you ever find yourself surprised when something goes extremely well in your life? Based on your past trends, you expect to struggle with certain areas of your life over and over again. It’s the thought process of “this is how it always goes.” Another name for this voice could be your “inner critic.” Can you relate at all?

And please, let me clarify that these are not questions to make you feel bad or ashamed if you say yes. It is to prompt your mind so can see where you stand currently with how you value yourself. If you relate to what I wrote even a little bit, I am also wondering if you understand your unwavering value. I am talking about the value of you as a human being created by the Ultimate. Your personal intrinsic value that is not determined by how productive you are, your bank account, or the “good” you do in the world (or the “bad” for that matter).

The ultimate value of simply (and complexly) being YOU.

The importance of me talking about self-worth is connected to two main reasons. First, do you believe your past dictates your future (or your value)? Many of us may not want to say yes to this, but it will be our natural default for how we live our lives unless we have the tools to think differently. Why does basing the future on the past matter so much? Because if you have dreams and aspirations, they cannot flourish in a mind that is tethered to how things have gone up until now. Replicating the past cannot create a new future. There needs to be new soil to grow new results. Let’s make sure that self-worth is on point!

The second importance of understanding your value is this: It is going to affect your sense of deserving. If you feel like you deserve to live a happy and fulfilling life, you are going to open the door for your life to continually improve. You will warmly welcome your dreams coming true, because all along you believed this was in the cards for you. It just makes sense! You are the bomb dot com, and you know it!

If you feel like you are not worthy to live a fulfilling life, you are subconsciously going to push away any opportunities that disagree with your current belief system about what you deserve. Opportunities will fly past your radar without you even realizing they were there. So you might really really want a change, but you are blocking that very thing from happening in order to sustain what you believe to be true about yourself. And again, this is normal for many people and nothing you need to worry about. There is a way to overcome old belief systems and your sense of deserving! That’s the great news! Nothing is set in stone.

Let’s grow your sense of deserving, and work on building a life you love living! Here is one practical step you can take!

Building Your Sense of Deserving

One of the key principles in manifesting your dream is taking a stand to be deserving and receiving all of the good that life has to offer. We may have those inner voices ringing in our ears telling us we are not good enough, educated enough, savvy enough, blah, blah, blah…Those inner voices are now fired. And let’s hire some new thoughts to replace them. (replacing something you take away is key to sustaining growth!) It’s time to create affirmations we can tell ourselves that support our sense of deserving and our vision of a life we love living.

To make this practice specific, let’s create an affirmative statement for the 4 domains of our life, which includes:

  • Health and Wellness
  • Vocation (how you use your talents)
  • Time and Money Freedom
  • Love and Relationships

For each area of your life, you are going to write a statement that supports a life you love living.

For example, when it comes to love and relationships, “I deserve and receive…a life partner that loves XYZ just like me, and we enjoy doing XYZ together. I feel loved and cared for constantly.”  For vocation an example is, “I deserve and receive…a rewarding career where I work part-time and I make $xxxx. I feel happy and fulfilled to be doing what I love and I am paid abundantly.” You can be general of what you would love, or specific if you know exactly what you have been longing for more of in your life.

The key for this exercise is to write everything in the present tense. Your subconscious will pick up on it AS IF it is already happening.

The beauty of doing this lifework is increasing your sense of deserving, expanding your self-worth, gaining more clarity on what you would love, filling your life with more positivity, and opening the door for your affirmations to come true! Because you are worth it!

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