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People often ask me, “What is the difference between you, a life coach, and a counselor? Aren’t they basically the same?” In a nutshell, they are actually quite different. Both have their benefits, and today I will share a few of their differences, as well as the immense perks to having a life coach.

A life coach focuses on building your future and creating new patterns to support where you are going next, with only brief touches on the past. A counselor typically focuses on the past only, and you rehearse and recount what happened.

Life coaching is action-oriented and focuses around creating a vision for the future, desired changes, and results for the client, while counseling focuses more on diving into the past and the associated psychological issues. And oftentimes through counseling, the discovered conditions are paired with a diagnosis of some kind.

Life coaches are not focused on a diagnosis, but rather, uncovering the infinite potential within all of us. Tools are shared in order to align with the power within you so that you can step more into this power and find more success. For me as a life coach personally, the viewpoint is that there are circumstances that surround us in life that may cause us to have limiting beliefs about why we can’t do this or that. And with empathy, yet strength, a life coaching client is invited to look past labels, the past, or stereotypes.

The mantra, “There is a power breathing you that is greater than any outside circumstance” is often shared and held close to my heart as truth. Limitations are often what we put on ourselves, and we can get past them if we desire to and have the right tools.

Not all life coaches are going to be the same, and not all counselors are the same either. But these examples are simple guidelines to showcase a few differences.

Life coaches are here to coach. They are there to help you grow, equip you for success, and provide added accountability. Coaches assist in identifying and capitalizing on your strengths. You may be pleasantly surprised to learn that many celebrities have found great value working with their own life coaches.

  • Oprah Winfrey – Oprah has attributed some of her life successes to her life coaches, and in return she has promoted numerous life coaches to her fans. She strongly promotes using a life coach.
  • Nia Long – An actress who says she learned how to live a fulfilled and happy life as a result of working with her coach.
  • Metallica – Metallica as a band was struggling with “feuds.” With the help of a life coach, they were able to align themselves with a common goal and work together in harmony to achieve it. This was no small feat, as they had many physical altercations, however, it brought them together in a powerful way so they could cohesively release more albums and continue in their success.
  • Leonardo DiCaprio – While he has been a bit quiet about his experience with life coaching, his success speaks for itself as he continually chases his dreams.

And there are many more who have found a significant benefit to having a life coach, including: Serena Williams, Andre Agassi, Hugh Jackman, Chuck Liddell, Von Miller and more. It just goes to show that a life coach can be invaluable to a person’s growth and success in life. What is even more amazing today is that the non-celebrity has access to the power of life coaching. This is something that used to be on the table ONLY for the elite. And now everyone gets a chance to elevate in a way that was unheard of on this scale five years ago.

“Well then, Erin, what do you do as a life coach?”

I walk with people towards success through a proven and detailed road map to guide you and your unique destiny. I deeply believe in the power within all of us to overcome what our ingrained belief systems may label as impossible. My ultimate purpose is to join and support you on your sacred journey of defining and creating a life you love living.

Over the years I have combined the background of my leadership in ground-breaking research, guiding students to transformation as a wilderness guide, public speaking, outreach, and demonstrating hope through my own personal journey. I bring you a wealth of knowledge, tools, and a holistic understanding of life, along with what I have on paper.

Both fields of life coaching and counseling bring value to people’s lives. What it may come down to is this: Do you desire to focus on your future and reaching your goals, or do you want to work on your past?

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