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The Power of Intuition

Would you enjoy an acceleration in your personal growth and success? Right now, I am imagining your hands going up and hearing a big, “Yes please!”

One important key to supporting your accelerated growth, first and foremost, is to make sure you are gaining traction in the BEST direction for your life’s vision. Because what is the point of speeding up if you don’t have a life-giving and satisfying target to reach? This is where your intuition comes in as your internal compass.

Intuition has been known by many names including: a gut feeling, a natural knowing, the voice for truth, and the still small voice. For the sake of this deep dive, it will simply be called intuition.

What makes your intuition powerful is the connection it has to the ultimate truth—the power breathing you. And as Gandhi said, “The voice for truth is as loud as our willingness to listen (to it).” In essence then, you already have perfect intuition and it is a simple matter of discovering HOW to listen even better when it speaks up.

Intuition is always available for the benefit of giving you guided direction, but your connection to that wisdom depends on you having open hands that signify that you are ready to receive ideas that are your usual trail of thought AND ideas that are off the beaten path. Since your intuition works through your thoughts, the ideas that appear in your mind may actually be the answers to the questions you are asking. And those ideas are going to come in all shapes and sizes.

With that being said, are you loving the idea of empowering your intuition? Because mastering your intuitive decision making is going to allow you to understand and know things that used to feel out of reach. You are going to question yourself less. You will increase your calm and collected feeling of, “I know I am in the right place in my life.” With that peace, you will be able to move forward confidently knowing that you are ALSO headed in the right direction; the direction that is best for you and what you view as success.

Your Ego vs. Your Intuition

Have you ever been in a situation where you are struggling to discern if a thought is your intuition or your ego? For example, maybe you were invited to go on a trip or hangout with a group of new people, but there was a thought that made you question if you should go or not. There is an action to take and your mind is bringing a “question mark” to your mind about it. Let’s explore the #1 sign to knowing if your thought or idea is your intuition or your ego.

But first, here is an example of intuition in action. See if you can point out the signature sign of intuition.

When I was 18 years old, my boyfriend at the time drove to my parents’ house in the countryside to pick my brother and me up to play miniature golf about 15 minutes away in town. When he arrived, he asked me which vehicle I wanted to take. There was my dad’s truck and his car. The car seat was already in the truck for my brother. But! In my mind, I immediately thought the car would be best. Then I let him know firmly and calmly that I would not take the truck, and I didn’t even understand why I had these thoughts of not taking the truck or why I was so firm about it. The car was the only option in my mind. It just was. We loaded up his car and we headed to town.

On the way there, there was one point when my boyfriend wasn’t paying attention, we hit gravel with all four tires on the shoulder of the highway, he jerked the wheel, the car over-corrected, and we did 1.5 turns on the highway and crashed. I woke up to the airbags deflating and my brother crying. We got out of the car and nobody was harmed!

Later I looked over and saw what had stopped up from dropping 15 feet onto a propane tank—a curb that was only 3 inches high. I will never forget that moment. Right then and there, I knew I had been strongly connected to the power breathing me through my calm intuition that told me something that was actually impossible to know with my five senses or logic. To know that the truck would have meant death for us all. And the car was highly rated for safety and it saved our lives because it was low to the ground and stopped us at the curb. There was no evidence of what was about to happen, and yet, I knew through an idea of what to do at a critical moment when it came down to a decision, that in this case, meant life or death.

The #1 sign of intuition vs. the ego is that there is a calm feeling tone. Anxiety is only present when it comes to the ego. Intuition is never frantic. When you are connected to the Infinite and you receive wisdom and intuition, do you think you would feel anxiety or peace? Peace! Being connected with that kind of powerful wisdom and understanding is going to leave you feeling at ease because you know the truth.

There are a variety of ways that intuition can show up in your life.

Here are a few examples:

• A flash of inspiration
• A dream
• A breakthrough idea that may come while you are visualizing your goal
• A nudge
• A hunch
• A gut sense
• Through mental imagery and pictures
• It may actually have a voice!

Welcoming Your Intuition

Einstein was known to have said, “No problem can be solved from the same level of consciousness that created it.” He understood that you must further build your connection with the elevated thinking of the Infinite. This is vital to enhancing your intuitive decision-making process.

Simple ways to build this connection includes: spend time in a quiet place, simply ask for an answer, present a question and spend time in silence with an open heart listening for guidance, and most importantly to keep yourself open through your awareness to seeing the answer when it does come your way through a random billboard, friend, stranger, or anything from anywhere for that matter.

The methods I listed may seem overly simple but isn’t that usually the answer in life? The simple things that are easy to overlook. The beautiful thing is that any of these methods are within reach to everyone. Including you.

Once you begin to hear the voice of your intuition and receive ideas that you know will serve your dream, it is important to then act on these ideas. There is no real power in hearing your intuition and not acting on it. Action is where the magic happens.

Your Lifework:


Let’s build your awareness of your intuition. Developing your ability to sense your intuition vs. your ego will pay dividends of successful decisions and save you time and energy in the long run. And like all skill-sets, it requires practice.

Write down three times you recognized your intuition within the past week. And if you are not able to think of three in the last week, you can think farther back if that is helpful. Let’s get you well acquainted with your intuition, and your successful intuitive decision-making moments! This is the first step to enhancing your awareness in support of increasing your intuitive decision making.

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